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SBT600 + GM250 Textile waste recycling machine with 6 Roller

This machine use high-speed centrifugal force when operating to get rid of impurities in cotton and at the same time loosen the lint cotton. It can clean the dust and is mainly to process all kind of lint cotton, cloth clips, cloth corner, flock, waste yarn and flax etc.

This machine is made and designed in line on the basis of the characteristics and advanced experience of domestic and overseas market. After identification, the machine has reached the advantages of goods quality, high output, and low consumption and is provided with compact model, convenient operation, easy dust removing and high safety.

2 roller: 80 % Open, 4 roller: 90 % open and 6 roller: 100 % open

Overall Dimensions

7540 x 1500 x 1150 mm

Out put

100-120 KG/h

Capacity of removing impurities

6 % - 10 %

Cylinder Diameter

600 mm – 250 mm

Cylinder rotation speed

1st Roller : 1900 rpm/min
Others : 2100 rpm/min

Cotton Feeding Roller

Diameter of the from one : 40 mm ; Rotation speed : 5.1 rpm/min
Diameter of the back one : 57 mm ; Rotation speed : 13.4 rpm/min

Diameter of dust cage

500 mm


18 x 4 x 3 (48-52 h)

Power (KW)

18.5 KW + 7.5 KW + 5.5 KW + 5.5 KW + 5.5 KW + 4 KW + 4 KW

Total power of fan

8 KW