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Single Niddle Computerized Quilting Machine

Single Niddle Computerized Quilting Machine

The perfect design and manufactured make stitch trace look symmetrical and beautiful. The products quilted on this machine meet output requirements and satisfy every customer. Its computer design making system, equipped with advanced software, has many powerful editing function and allows operators themselves to design patterns quickly and easily. All patterns and working program are stored in a 3.5″.floppy disk. The parameters predetermined, present pattern, working states are displayed on a color screen in Chinese/English. operators can select working parameters required , such as single stitch length and sewing speed, etc, from menus shown on the screen. The stitch trace is shown on the screen in different color from the rest while being quilted. If the thread breaks, the head will automatically go to the rethread position by the side of the machine. After rethread, the head can go back to where the thread broke and return further several stitches along original path, then start sewing again. When quilting is over, the machine go back to the start position. The quilt frame can shift some stitches given fast forward or backward along the pattern path.


Type DH-26A DH-26B DH-26C DH-26D
Quilting Size 2.6*2.8mMax 2.8*3.2mMax 3.0*3.2mMax 3.5*3.5mMax
Needle Drop Size 2.4*2.6mMax 2.6*3.0mMax 2.8*3.0mMax 3.3*3.3mMax

Single-line style, double-line lock style, big Rotary Shuttle

Sewing Thick 1200g/m*m(Max)
Sewing Speed 2200SPM Stitch 2~7mm
Needle (SINGER) MR5 18~22#
Dimensions 5*4*1.4m
Power 220VAC,50HZ,1.5KW
Weight 1100KG

Computerized Quilting Machine