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Serial Beds - Luxury Electric Adjustable Beds


Product Model: BHM_RM-09E24

Adjustable Electric Bed
Turns your bedtime into dreamtime!
Designed for young and old to read in bed, watch TV, or simply relax. And for those in need just press the auto button and you will be lifted upright and helped out of bed. How good is that!

Adjustable tilt components allow infinite body movement. Take the pressure off your back, sit up, lay back or just put you feet up and experience improved circulation.

Electric motion, fully adjustable

Relaxing in bed is the key to a quality sleep. Whether it be reading or watching TV, or perhaps breakfast in bed ... At the touch of a button sit yourself up or lie down, even elevate your legs to increase circulation and find that ¡¯zero gravity¡¯ position.

Silent electric motion allows you infinite adjustment choices. Place two models together for an ultra modern king size bed. Includes luxurious pure latex mattress for blissful comfort.

How do you know if you should purchase an Adjustable Bed

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then an adjustable bed may be right for you.