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Imported Mattress, Hotel-Bedroom Furniture, Soft Toys Skin
Manufacturer of Sofa and Pillow Automatic Fiber Opening & Filling Machine

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Micro Fibre Opening and Filling Machine
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Micro Fibre Pillow
Micro Fibre Pillow
Micro Fibre Pillow

About Us

We proudly welcomes you to the fantabulous world of BETTER HOMES FURNISHING. One of the leading Pillow/Cushion and Sofa Manufacturer and Exporter of India and importer of Automatic Pillow Making Machine, Hotel / Bedroom Mattress, Hotel / Bedroom furniture set.

Since 2005, Better Homes Furnishing has been in the manufacturing business of Pillows and Cushions had served various customers throughout the country.

Our company is the ISO 9001:2000 Certified.

Mattress: Imported Mattress, Hotel Mattress and Bedroom mattress, Latex Mattress, Memory Foam Mattress, Organic Mattress, Bonel Spring Mattressand Pocket Spring Mattress, 9 Zone Mattress, Electrical Adjustable Bed with Mattress, Orthopaedic Mattress, Pillow top mattress, Euro top mattress, Double Pocket Spring Mattress, gel memory foam mattress, Foam Mattress, 3D Mattress, Wool Mattress.

Comfort and Environment System

Our Mattress made by International UBS materials, adopt newest technology and take ergonomic human engineering, medical science and mechanics &thermology into science theories, conform to the body curve, relive fatigue and recover physical power well, continues care to achieve a perfect sleep.

This mattress have Balance and protection spine system, blood circulation system, Health and breathe system, skin-friendly and no pressure system.
Our mattress contain thick jacquard fabric’s quilt on top.

Pillow: Bolster, Cushions, Pillow, Micro Fiber Pillow, Duck Feather & Duck down Pillow, recron pillow, Fiber Pillow, Memory Foam Pillow.

Furniture: Hotel – Bedroom Furniture, wooden furniture, teak wood furniture, Imported Furniture, Hotel furniture, bedroom furniture, MDF Furniture, Modern furniture.

Machine: All type of Fiber Opening & Filling Machine, pillow making machine, toy filling machine, fiber carding machine, foam shredding machine, wadding production line, Quilting Machine, vacuum packing machine.

Sofa: Imported sofa, office sofa, bedroom sofa, sofa cum bed, single seater-double seater-three seater sofa, European design sofa, Chinese design sofa, European / American style sofa, imported fabric and tick wood sofa, 100% pure leather sofa, PU leather sofa, PVC sofa and fabric sofa, motorize sofa / mechanism sofa, HR Foam sofa.

Comfortable Seating for You, Your Family and Guests with This Stylish Reclining Sofa. The Stylish Fabric Sofa Adds A Fashionable Look To Your Space. The Well Cushioned Back with Adequate Lumbar Support Makes the Sofa ergonomically suitable. Stretch Yourself On Lazy Day While Playing Your Favourite Video Game Or While Watching A Movie With Your Family. Perfectly Crafted Out Of The Finest Of Materials To Ensure Long Term Use.

Our Quality :

Quality is of prime importance to us and we are constantly improving our standards of excellence to offer better quality products and services. Each and every pillow or bolster pillow is thoroughly checked and rechecked before final dispatch to the market Excellence is a combination of quality, innovation and technology hence we are perpetually striving to enhance